Friday, January 19, 2018

New year resolution !!!

Every time the new year is approaching, we start making a list of things that we will do next year but we all know what happens to them. Sounds like my story for every new year since I can remember.
Given the optimist I am, on 31th 2016, I didn't shy away from making another list
Weight loss made it to the top of my list for the first time. I took growth in a different direction by going from 68 kg to 88 kgs over last 5 year of corporate bliss.
As you guessed, determined as I was, I installed health apps, watched YouTube videos, bought new running gears and all the things you would do in such a scenario. The biggest of them was I will stop eating sweets. You may smile but it's bigger tougher than any other addiction (at least in my dictionary). While i am going to not eat sweet then there is no place for any junk food. I am going to purist. While I am it, why not change the life style altogether. How about sleeping at 10 p.m. and waking up at 5 a.m. every day? Say that to an Indian software engineer and see the reaction you get
Saying that this is all wishful thinking was understatement of the year. When I told this to no other soul other than my life support system, my wife, her reaction was a smile that said something like nobody got hurt by having good intentions. Go on. We will see if you remember any of it tomorrow.
Poor girl, little did she know, things were going to change.
When I started this, I promised myself that I am not going to do before and after picture o. Facebook . Quora is the closest I will come to sharing it with anyone.
Fast forward, 8 months, I was 62 kg, down from 88 kg by doing each and every thing I mentioned above. Losing 3–4 kg a week straight for 8 months.
I had to stop because changing entire wardrobe was not an expense I had planned for. Pants falling down my knees and belts running out of holes wasn't thought about earlier too. Worse, I was stopped by everyone in office to enquire about it and it was too embarrassing for a low profile guy like me to draw so much attention.
This story for me wasn't about weight loss. It was about telling myself that if I can do this, I can probably do other things on my new resolution list.
Keep dreaming. Keep believing.

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