Friday, April 5, 2013

Dont be afraid to take up a project that's failing

"Why you shouldn't worry about taking up engagements that are in Red? Because they can't become Dark Red now :) and will only become Yellow and then eventually Green."

Funny may it sound but things get worse but then they get better and the experience of turning a failure into success is unforgettable. You will learn things that you wont learn if you always play safe. A sailor who hasn't faced a storm is not really a true sailor. An escalated projects have high visibility and you have an amazing opportunity to fix things and you might be surprised in the end.

Testing in Production ?

Living life on the edge for normal people would be having a house near a cliff top or jumping off the plane with a parachute or something of that sort but for software engineers, it would be delivering a code to production without testing it and hoping that nobody runs into it ever or it works somehow magically :D These guys are real daredevils :D

I don't promote it but it does happen. We should let these developers know that they are living on edge with a time bomb ticking and its a matter of time before it explodes. Why take chance when you can test the code and then release it.

Testing - Recursive Features

There should be an another 'task manager' to kill the real 'task manager' when it gets hanged while trying to kill a 'process' that got hanged :)

Though my above comment on FB was on a  lighter side, I feel that there should be testability around such things where we generally confine our thinking to just one level and leave it there.

Saga of Unsung Heroes

‘Tester Testifies’ is my tribute to all the testers in the world – the unsung heroes, who save millions of dollars by finding bugs and still stay unheard.