Friday, January 19, 2018

Don't try to fix what's not broken !!

For the first 30 years of my life I had no problem with my ears. Never used ear buds. Never used dewax. So far so good.
Then I saw Johnson & Johnson earbuds at my local supermarket and thought hmm, I wonder why I never used them. They ought to be important for personal hygiene and I took the bait.
Sure enough, I loved using them so much that I started using them every day after taking bath, though I knew there was nothing left to clean.
Fast forward a few months and I developed an ear infection for the first time in my life. After few painful visits to Doctor, it was finally found that a piece of cotton from the earbud was left inside my ear. The general physician told me that I should never use ear buds but only dewax drops every few days. I switched to that and felt that my ears were always wet and developed ear infection once again.
Making long story short, I visited an ENT specialist who asked me why do I want to use ear buds? I replied honestly that other than hygiene, it feels just too good
His advice was NEVER to use ear buds, because our ears are designed in such a way that ear buds only pushes the wax deeper and not to use any ear drops as well as the moisture provides a fertile ground to fungus to grow. Basically, he asked me to leave my ears alone as body is fully capable of taking care of itself including keep the ear clean without any efforts from us.
I created a problem which didn't exist. Same goes with medicines. Avoid them if you can. The side effects outweighs the benefits lot of time and just trust your body to fight it out benefits. Stopping popping those vitamin pills too.

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