Monday, December 24, 2012

TFS Live - Win 8 App


Important Note**: This app only works with TFS that are accessible over internet (extranet) or hosted TFS

Important Note**: if you are trying with hosted TFS, please refer to slide 17 of this PPT for configuration change

This app is for the users that are currently using Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) for work item management (bugs, test cases and tasks). 

Test Data & Configuration Steps:
1. After installation of the application, go to “Configure”
2. Select “TFS Settings” charm
3. Enter “TFS Server” as
4. Enter “domain\username or live id” as
5. Enter “password” as  nothing123$
6. Press Authenticate. Wait for completion
7. Select Project Name as cmmi6.1
8. Select Test Plan as “Select All” (default) OR any other test plan in the drop down
9. Select Iteration Path as “Select All” (default) OR any other iteration in the drop down
10. Select Role as “Manager”
11. Press Done. Wait for completion
12. You will get an alert to allow "live tiles updates". Please press allow.

Expected Result:
Once you have the above information, you can see the dashboard and other details to verify the application functionality

Feature - TFS Web Access Integration from Tiles
Clicking on the tiles will redirect the user to IE 10 to show more details about the number shown in the tile.

Warning: Please ensure that you are not logged in to Hotmail/Live/Outlook account when you are doing this step. Ensure that you log out from Hotmail / Live / Outlook account before trying this step

1. Click on the tile
2. It will redirect to IE 10
3. You will be shown Live Authentication screen to provide outlook credentials

4. Enter “username” as
5. Enter “password” as  nothing123$
6. Press Sign In

Expected Result:

Browser will successfully connect to TFS Web access and will show the details.

Please contact or for any help required to set this up.
Happy testing !!! Appreciate your time and effort.


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